I ripped the skin where my index finger connects to my palm

beating a drum with anger.

The pain


through my hand

up my arm

and into my brain.

I could only stare at the open, twisted flesh

and could do nothing more to ease the pain.

Water, air, heat, cold

All brought an intensity that left me gritting my teeth

I washed the tear anyway

Day by day

The pain is less

The rip closes itself

And I am healing

I am healing

I am healing.

mint-green-monster asked:

First name: Tempest, Nickname: Tempidoodlers Pugs And Poodlers Age: Two decades, Gender: BAMF Lady, Sexual Orientation: DEM BOYZ, Nationality: SoCal which is just it's own thing beyond American, Relationship status: getting hip surgery to become attached to that guy, Likes: the feeling of turning the pages of a physical book, Dislikes: raw meat, Random fact: is the biggest nerd of all